Speeding Can Cost a Lot More Than a Ticket
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Speeding Can Cost a Lot More Than a Ticket

Speeding can increase your annual insurance by more than $700. Money is not the only cost of speeding as lives could be lost.

When you get behind the wheel sometimes it is hard work not to step put the pedal to the medal. Often times people who are normally careful and thoughtful take pleasure in revving the engine and letting the car split the breeze on the highway never thinking of the consequences. But driving your car hard can cost in more ways than just speeding tickets. There is a lot more to think about when you push your vehicle to the limit than just the location of police cruisers.

When you decide to rev your engine on the highway it puts a lot of pressure on the engine block and other parts of the engine. Your pistons work much harder than they necessarily have to, among other things. One of the major concerns when you are driving you car hard is the head gasket, which can cost you upwards of $2000 to replace depending on your car’s make, model, and age. If the head gasket goes your car pretty much becomes a big paperweight because of the sluggish behavior of the car. When you go to replace the part you learn that it is going to take roughly 7 to 9 hours charged at whatever the labor rate is at the garage you get dropped off plus the roughly $200 to $800 or more depending on the make, year and model of your vehicle which could add up to a few thousand dollars.

You tires are always a concern and if a tire blows at high speeds you could damage more than just the wheel. You have the car’s suspension to consider and they are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Taking into consideration the hours it will take to repair or replace these should give you enough cause for slowing down.

When that speeding ticket comes people often sigh loudly thinking of ho hard it will be to pay the ticket. They will sometimes plead with the officer who may or may not hear your plea, and if he doesn’t then you get a ticket that is generally over $100. So then you go and pay it and that’s that. Not really! Have you ever looked at your car insurance the year following the speeding ticket and subsequent years following? For every speeding ticket you get the following year on your renewal you will notice that you’re being charged a deductible, you will also notice that there are indications of the speeding offense listed on the Insurance paper along with a number next to it. One speeding ticket could increase your insurance significantly for the next 5 to 7 years. So not only will you be paying the fine for the ticket if you chose to pay or lose the hearing you may request, but you will be forced to pay upwards of $700 depending on the state you live in, U.S. cities.

Even higher than those is the cost of a life. Sure we think it’s the highway, it’s a free zone. Think again! The highest cost of speeding is the loss of life. People break down often on the side of the road or people pull over just to check their direction or even change a tire. Another trend that seems to be increasing on the highway is the people who breakdown and are stranded for hours start walking toward the nearest service / gas station. When you’re careening along you could easily run into a car, a person, an officer doing his job or any number of things that could endanger the life of someone or yourself. Yes we all have somewhere to go when we get behind the wheel usually but it is important that we get there in one piece and not just get there.

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