License Plate Ideas for Girls
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License Plate Ideas for Girls

List of California speciality license plates for girls

California has an extensive array of license plates that you can order for your car besides the standard California plate. Cars are traditionally associated with the male of the species, but there are some plates that demand to be displayed on a girl's car. In California, you can also get specialty plates for your motorcycle. I present this list below for all the women in California who are thinking about ordering a specialty plate.

When you order a specialty plate, you can come up with your very own letters and numbers on your plate, plus a few symbols like a heart or a hand. Or, you can have the state of California put a standard plate number on your plate. On some specialty plates, you can only use six letters while the standard plate is now seven letters. The typical California plate has a white background with blue lettering.

One special plate you can order is a Memorial plate. The money raised by these plates goes to the children of California's killed on 9/11. Remembering 9/11 and the families of the victims is certainly something that any female Californian can be proud to do.

You can order a plate to support the California Arts Council. This group supports arts in the state and in schools. The design was painted by an artist named Wayne Thiebaud. The plate features palm trees and a gorgeous sunset. This is definitely a place any woman would enjoy visiting. Of course, most women tend to be artsy in some form or another, so this is a perfect plate for a lady.

The Coastal Commission which overseas our coast and ocean areas also has its own plate. This plate features a whale tail coming out of the water. Assisting with preserving the habitat of these great creatures is something any woman can relate to.

A new plate is the Collegiate Plate, which uses the money raised to provide scholarships for needy students, another great cause. However, as this program is new, only UCLA has a collegiate plate available. Still, if you support UCLA, this is a cool plate. It comes with the UCLA bruin on it.

Using a plate with a great picture of Lake Tahoe, you can also buy a plate to support the restoration of the lake. If you like to go to Lake Tahoe, this is a great plate to take along when you visit the area. Of course, the lake will thank you as well.

Another plate is designed to support Yosemite. This plate features the great waterfall at the park. If you visit this park, this is clearly the plate for you. It will also show your support for nature and outdoor activities.

Other plates that appeal to women are the Kid's plate with a hand and flowers. Money from these plates support a state fund for kid safety. Other choices include a plate that supports California's Olympic training fund. This is a great plate for athletic women and those with athletes in the family.

Women can also support California firefighters by ordering this plate with a picture of a fireman on it. More and more firefighters are women these days. You can also order a plate to signify that you are a veteran. Of course, in the past, these were mostly strictly for men, but now there are many women veterans too.

If you enjoy being secretive and environmentally conscious, you can also order a specialty plate to support state environmental causes. This plate comes just like a regular state license plate, so noone has to know about your good deed. So, you can do something nice, but not attract attention to your car.

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Interesting specialty plates, Teresa.