Distractions to Avoid to Make Driving Your Car in Traffic Safer
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Distractions to Avoid to Make Driving Your Car in Traffic Safer

Do you ever find yourself becoming distracted as you drive your car? Perhaps your dog is barking, your children are jumping on the back seats, your spouse is arguing with you about which direction to take or you are attempting to brush your hair. If so, no wonder you cannot keep your eyes on the road! These tips will provide you with ways of avoiding distractions and staying safe in the future.

There are many ways you could inadvertently become distracted while driving your car in traffic. By not keeping your eyes on the road as your attention is diverted, the possibility of having a car accident increases greatly. Not only may you put your own life and the lives of passengers you are carrying at risk, but you can also endanger other road users, including pedestrians and drivers. Learning how to avoid distractions as you drive is important for the safety of all concerned.

Over decorated interior

Hanging gadgets and fluffy dice in your cars interior, or spreading sparkling stickers all over your dashboard could easily serve as a distraction. While you are in your car the main view you should reserve for your eyes ought to be the road, and possible dangers you encounter, not Christmas lights surrounding rear windows or toys lined-up along the dashboard or stuck to windows. They will not look half as cute if you crash your car and they, as well as you, end-up mangled.


Your hairstyle, makeup or appearance in general may be of concern to you if you want to look your best, but if you need to make adjustments pull over and do so safely, rather than checking your face out in the mirror, or smoothing down your clothes as you attempt to drive.


Children should be strapped into a baby seat if they are of this age, or at least sit on the back seat of your car wearing a seat belt. Those who do not wear a belt are liable to bounce around as though they were playing at home, and could blight your vision. They are obviously, also in danger of flying through the windscreen if you have to make an emergency stop.


You may think its fun to have your pet dog sat next to you on the front seat as you drive, or even be kept loose on the back seat, but this is a very bad idea. Animals are unpredictable and can get easily excited, clambering over you as you try to drive. If possible, keep you dog in a dog seat belt designed for pets, or behind a dog guard in the back of your car.


Every now and then people have car accidents because they are distracted by arguing with a passenger. Make it a hard and fast rule to pull over if you get overheated, just as you would pull over if your car were behaving this way and needed time to cool down.

Many car accidents could be avoided if drivers were more careful and mindful about not letting themselves become distracted. Next time you drive, promise yourself that you will do so safely by avoiding the issues above.

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Comments (3)

Thanks for sharing this great information.

Important information we should all heed. I have seen the you tube act screened on television here in Australia. Are you in Australia as well....

Ranked #4 in Driving & Traffic

Thanks Martin and Peter. I am in the UK, and I often see people driving badly, and it seems to have something to do with them being distracted. People swerve across lanes of the motorway while tuning their radio, or use one hand to drive while using a mobile phone. Very stupid behavior as its dangerous.