Common Hazardous Driving Mistakes People Make
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Common Hazardous Driving Mistakes People Make

Your driving enjoyment can be spoiled, and your safety is at risk, when you share the road with bad drivers who make avoidable mistakes that are hazardous. Plenty of car accidents occur due to bad driving, and even when no one is injured, it can still be annoying and frustrating. Here are some of the top mistakes poor drivers tend to make that you could come across.

Driving can be useful; it gets you from A to B. However, as the number of road users increases you may observe how badly some people drive, and worry about getting to your destination safely. Bad driving can be a hazard that causes accidents. Being observant, and expecting other drivers to behave poorly now and then can help you avoid trouble. Here are some of the most common driving mistakes people carry out:


Even a usually efficient driver can make the mistake of becoming distracted while in their car. Pets, children, spouses, pedestrians, other road users and fleeting thoughts can all take a drivers mind off the task of driving safely. When this happens, it is likely that they will swerve in front of you, slow down at the wrong time or speed-up.

Driving too fast

Speed may feel like fun, but it gives drivers less time to react when they need too. Driving fast can be hazardous because other road users are likely to be slower, and therefore become vulnerable. It can leave drivers in a field if they miss a turning, crashing into a bollard or ramming the car in front.

Driving too slow

Driving too slow can be a problem when drivers behind become frustrated and then attempt to overtake at the wrong place. At other times, driving slow can leave other drivers at a loss, as they anticipate that the driver in front, will speed-up as the official limit allows, but they fail to do so.

Failure to use headlights

Some drivers only think of using their car lights when it is pitch black outside, and do not recognize that when the sky is overcast and they enter a tree-lined road they cannot easily be seen by other drivers. Driving behind them can be frightening, as you are never quite sure where they are.

Whose turn is it?

It is incredible to watch drivers who simply have never truly learned who has the right of the road. They sit too long waiting for another car, whose turn has not arrived yet, to move, or rush out in front of traffic, blissfully unaware that they should have waited.

Middle of the road

Whether a driver is happily cruising along on the middle lane of the motorway, or is afraid of scratching their car on brambles so is driving close to the white line in the middle of the road, they are making a mistake.

Middle lane drivers prevent others from over-taking, or pulling in, and middle of the road drivers leave little space for other drivers to pass by safely.

The driving mistakes above are all potentially hazardous. They create anger and frustration in other road users, because they could cause an accident, along with wasting people’s time.

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Comments (3)

I really don't like when others drive too slow, especially when they occupy the middle. So inconsiderate of them..

Bad drivers and habits make roads an unsafe place indeed. I quite like middle lane driving in my country as when you are ready to diverge left or right it is to turn or overtake.

Bad drivers are a big problem. I hope that they, too, have read this article.