Best Car Traveling Games for The Whole Family
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Best Car Traveling Games for The Whole Family

Traveling in a car may seem like the perfect time to take a nap, but these games will keep the entire family involved and enjoying the ride.

Going on long journeys with your loved ones can be fun if you know the best car traveling games for your whole family. Traveling in a car may seem like the perfect time to take a nap, but these games will keep the entire family involved and enjoying the ride.

Name Game

This game requires players to use the first letter of their names. Then they watch the license plate letters to find license plates that start with the letter they were looking for. Every time a plate is seen the person must yell out the full plate number. If they are correct they get a point, and the person who gets the most points wins the game. On long trips winners can be decided at each rest stop; this gives more people a chance to win the game.

Who am I?

One of the all time best games for traveling or wasting time in general is this game. One person starts by choosing a famous identity. The person can be real, fake, dead, or alive. The choice is up to the family, and it should be made simpler for younger children involved. Then everyone else takes turns asking yes or no questions about the person. Using deduction, players can figure who the person as chose as their famous identity.

Scavenger Hunt

Another one of the best car games is the scavenger hunt. This game can be played with two variations. It can be altered to suit young and old, and the whole family can enjoy it. The first method for this game is to create a list of items for everyone. This can be done by choosing a specific category, or you can choose items that have no similarities at all. Then have everyone check off the items as they see them. It is important to call out your item and claim it before anyone else can claim it. The first person to cross everything off their list wins.

The second variation of this family game is to choose a color and a letter. Then everyone can watch for items that are the appropriate color and the right letter. The rules for calling items as you see them are the same as the previous game. Stickers can be given out to keep points; this is especially fun for small children.

These games are the best way to pass time while travelling with the whole family. They will keep all ages occupied while cause a lot of fun moments and laughs.

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