12 Tips for Being a Good Driver
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12 Tips for Being a Good Driver

Inspect your vehicle

If you're driving a car/truck, give it a once-over, make sure the tires are inflated properly, check your fluids and make sure all visuals are good, ex-no cracks in the windshield, nothing hanging down like wires etc.

Buckle your safety belt

The first thing you need to do when you enter a vehicle (driver or passenger is buckle up). seatbelts provide protection, and will keep you from being thrown from a vehicle

Be alert

The most important thing is the vehicle in front of you. Dont tailgate. If you get there 5 minutes earlier it doesn't matter much. Is your life and the lives of others worth taking a chance with? Or jailtime? Be aware of signs such as construction signs, detour signs, potholes, a ball in the street(behind every ball is a child), open car doors, cars coming towards you, etc. Be aware of everything around you. Driving is a full time job and requires 100% of your attention.

Slow down

Tailgaters can be a real hassle. The best way to deal with one is to slow down. It's logical because it gives them more time to get around you. To all the teens and younger people reading this- for God's sake slow down. It's not a race and if you kill someone YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE.

Be wary of other drivers

I cant cant the number of times "I thought" he was going to stop or turn there. Do the right thing and you'll be ok.

When other cars are merging, if you can safely do so, move over.

It's polite and you wouldnt like it if someone didnt give you a break.

If a vehicle is on the shoulder, if you can safely do so, move over

It is actually a law in most states, and come on, we've all seen the worlds scariest moment tapes.

Be polite

A little kindness goes a long way, for example in my experience when i let someone over into my lane, they usually pass that favor forward and it brightens thier day, decreasing road rage. But dont slam your brakes on to do it.

Give big trucks some room

In my experience as a commercial truck driver, one of the most annoying things is being crowded. A tire could blow on one of the wheels. trailers also sway. The worst place to be is next to a truck.(they do have blind spots). Let the trucker change lanes if he needs to. We're not idiot drivers and there is a reason we put our blinkers on. After all, we did deliver that car you're driving.

Observe lane ends signs

If you're in a lane and it's about to end, let the car next to you go. If you cause an accident by not doing so, you're at fault.

Don't allow yourself to be distracted

By cell phones (put it in speaker and on your lap), pay attention, and be aware

Don't try to beat a train

They can't stop

Be polite and courteous and do the right thing

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Comments (6)

its very good for a driver to know


some people can be a good driver..but can't be good passanger..

Very interesting

@chedaisy. I agree. Back seat drivers aren't fun at all!!

It's wonderful when you have succeeded something. It gives bright moments of gladness.

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Good tips, every driver needs this to know more, do you have any free samples online.